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The Holiday Season is winding down, which means that thank you notes are populating the minds and mailboxes of many. But why is it important to actually write and send one? 

If you’re truly thankful for something that someone did- whether they got you a thoughtful gift, threw a wonderful party and included you, or something similar, the extra effort that it takes to handwrite a note, address it, and ship it off to the person goes the extra mile beyond a thank-you text. If you keep an address book handy, whether a physical book or one in your contacts app, this is a simple way to show the extra little bit of gratitude that you have for a person, and it means a lot to both the gifter and the receiver of the note.  

So, how do you go about writing a cohesive and meaningful thank-you note, you ask? It’s a lot easier than you think! Here are a couple of things that I keep in my mind when I’m writing one:

1. Mention what the gift is, and how it will be used

Saying what the gifter got you shows specificity, and stating your intended use for it shows that you truly appreciate the gift and are looking forward to using it. The same goes for monetary gifts. Ex: “Thank you so much for the sewing pattern! I’ve picked out a beautiful fabric to make the dress with, and I’m looking forward to starting it this weekend.” or “Thank you for the generous check! I deposited it into my savings account so that I can use it to help pay for a starter home.”

2. If you saw them in person when they gave you the gift, mention part of your conversation or something that you enjoyed doing with them

This shows intention and a strong memory with details, and details are what count! For example: “I had a great time catching up with you at the corporate Christmas party and getting advice from you about how to train my puppy” or “It was lovely to see you at brunch on Tuesday. Let’s plan on going out again after New Year’s!”

3. End with a warm and friendly greeting, circle back to the graciousness of the gift, and call it a day. 

A good way to end the note is to come back to the gift after getting personal and mention your thankfulness once more before wishing them a happy/merry ____. Generally, I’ll do something along the lines of “Thanks again for the ____! I can’t wait to see you at the New Year’s party. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, [your name]”. 

I hope these few little tips help you to feel a little more confident when writing thank-you notes or convinced you to try one or two this season. Remember, if you gain nothing else from this post, let it be this: There is no wrong way to write a thank-you note, as long as it’s deliberate, genuine, and heartfelt. 

Merry Christmas!

Xx, B

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