Hey, Loves!
I’ve been MIA for a long time… and there’s no excuse for that. But this is actually the reason for my post. My first post of 2018 was supposed to be a compilation of all of the lessons I’d learned about life in 2017, courtesy of my Account, but this one needs to be said.
I’ve been unmotivated. And, as you know, that’s the most terrible feeling in the world to a 17-year old type-A hustler.
I haven’t been unmotivated in terms of dressmaking. In fact, I’ve made loads of dresses since December… Perhaps an unhealthy amount… I digress, $1 scrunchie day was so much of a success that I have to alter its parameters before rereleasing the idea. So I’ve not been unmotivated in terms of 31:25 in general. What I have been unmotivated about is homework, sketching, and this blog.
The homework/school aspect is understandable. My second semester of senior year is currently in full swing, and so-called ‘senioritis’ has been hitting me hard ever since I got accepted to my top-choice, Belmont University, last November. This lack of motivation, while not great, is certainly understandable. But why don’t I want to blog?
I think that the answer comes in how I had scheduled my blog times. Three times a week is too much right now, so is once a week enough for you? I want your feedback. Comment at the end what you think!
As far as sketching goes, I have a multitude of designs inside my head. Gorgeous, light, airy summer silhouettes are coming your way in time for spring break! I think that I don’t want to draw them, though, because I need to be in the right frame of mind. Unfortunately, I can’t always just pick up my favorite 0.9mm and start a sketch. The Winter Blues are affecting me more than I’d care to admit. And that might be your problem, as well.
I digress, here’s my go-to list of things to do when you’re unmotivated. Even if they don’t get you into your ideal headspace, they’ll help to get you out of your funk:

→ Do push-ups or run. I don’t care if it’s 5 minutes up and down your driveway, or push-ups for the verses of a song and crunches for the choruses. Physically exhausting your body can get you shaken out enough to focus mentally on the task at hand.
→ Read. Sometimes, the only way to get out of your head is to force your brain into someone else’s. Currently, I’m rereading The Great Gatsby, and Nick Carraway has proven to be an excellent escape.
→ Make a list. Again, I don’t care what. I keep a notebook on me at all times, and it’s being filled with various bucket lists at the moment: what movies I want to see, what books I want to read, phrases and words that I adore, et c. It helps to focus on the future instead of getting stuck in the muck of the present.
→ Along with that, make a to-do list and complete anything that can take 5 minutes or less. Run your laundry down to the washer. Clean off your counters, make your bed, or respond to that one email from, oh gracious, it was four whole days ago! These little tasks really get things cleared out.
→ Purge. It might be your closet that needs a clearout. For me, a clean inbox and desktop make a happy computer. It takes a little time, sure, but if you purge one space, whether physical or virtual, you’ll feel cleansed and purified, ready for the lingering tasks at hand.
I hope these tips help you to get out of your rut, loves! See you soon!
Xx, B

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