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As you know, I’ve been in college for eight weeks (I can’t believe it either; it’s flown by so fast!) already! And with out-of-state education comes out-of-state travel. I’m gonna have to get used to flying alone at least twice each semester.

Now, if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll also know that I have a touch of anxiety. It’s manageable, but it’s there nonetheless. For me, the best way to quell anxiety is to make lists and plan things out, so I researched and read and watched, and I’ve compiled what are, in my eyes, the best travel tips for ambitious girls who are traveling alone!


  • Have your ride tracked by someone you trust


I don’t have my car here in Nashville, so I uber to the airport. This was the first time that I was ubering alone, and I was sorta nervous. Never fear! The uber app has programmed a feature of ‘safe contacts’, so you can enter in your loved ones’ phone numbers, and they’ll be notified if you ask them to track your ride and make sure nothing fishy is going on. This alleviated quite a bit of my stress!


  • Make a packing plan early on


As I said, plans and lists are my best friend! I made a list of things I had to do before I left for fall break a week prior to my flight! I set aside my clothes and packed my bag that night, as well, which left only the tasks and packing my purse before leaving my dorm. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to add to or alter your list, complete any tasks you may have forgotten, and the like. It’s the best stress-buster!


  • Arrive early.


Should something go wrong, you’ll be glad you planned to arrive at the airport at LEAST 2 hours before your flight. Trust me on this one.


  • Bring your water bottle and some work or something fun


If you heed point 3, you’ll have some downtime in the concourse before your flight. Bring some work to get ahead on, or maybe treat yourself to a new novel by your favourite author (this is a tradition of mine every time I travel; it gives me something to look forward to!). As for the water, don’t drink too fast, but try to polish one off every ninety minutes or so. Airport and plane air is dry!!


  • When in doubt, ask and take a deep breath.


There are airport employees around you for a reason! If you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack and can’t read the sign right in front of you with your concourse on it, it’s ok to ask an airport employee where your gate is. That’s what they’re there for! It’s not the first time that they’ve answered any question that you fear is ‘stupid’ (reminder, no questions are stupid questions!). And remember, if you get stressed, in through the nose and out through the mouth. It’ll all be ok!

Alright, ambitious girls! There are my basic travel tips. Let me know down below if you want to see more Ambitious Girls’ Guides!

Fly safely!

Xx, B


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