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I know that I don’t seem to be the most reliable source in terms of romantic advice, but this is something that I’ve experienced enough to have a little backing knowledge: Ambitious girls scare boys.
It’s so irritating to me, because in movies, books, AND in real life, you’ll hear a ton of boys saying that “they want girls that know what they want” and all that. But let me tell ya, it’s most likely gonna be false. Sorry, Charlie.
I’ve talked to enough guys to have the following exchange happen: knowledge about my business is exchanged, guy realizes that I’m working for myself full-time, I really *do* have client meetings, and I really *am* hustling my little behind off, guy leaves. And I’m not the only one. I KNOW that this happens to other women, because my mentor, an absolute Girlboss Queen, and I had a discussion about it the other day: weak and insecure men are scared off by women who know what they want and have enough fire and work-ethic to get it.
Why is this? Why does being an ambitious woman who knows her worth and is building an empire, in whichever medium it may be, scare off the gents? The answer: If it’s happening to you, the guy is insecure and weak. Yeah, he wants to have the drive, ambition, and work ethic that you do, and he probably wants to wear the pants. If this is happening to you, it’s time to kiss that fella goodbye. You deserve far better than the negative energy that he’s giving off.
In other words, a lot of guys are scared when they see girls who are achieving, or at least, that are on their way to achieving, their goals, because they want to have their chick’s drive and ambition.
My advice to myself, and to all of you ambitious girls with goals that you’re achieving, whether they’re entrepreneurial, educational, personal, or otherwise, is to wait until you find a guy who’s your cheerleader, who is able to give you the space you need to thrive, and stands by you to revel in your accomplishments with you, ya queen. Patience isn’t something that I’m good at, but it’s definitely something that needs to be employed in this aspect of my life and yours. It’ll be completely worth it when you find a Guyboss to compliment your Girlboss.

Xx, B

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