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The little things in life are often underappreciated- the sunsets over the Curb Event Center garage at Belmont, the pasta-cooking nights in, and the weird inside jokes that you create with your flatmates when you’re supposed to be studying. But what about the things that we say to other people? I don’t know that most of us understand the positive impact that the little things we say to others has, and it needs to be acknowledged. 

Today, I was sitting at White Bison, my favorite coffee-shop-workspace in Nashville, and a woman and her husband came in. She was wearing a beautiful sunshine-yellow wrap dress with large-scale pink roses and cap sleeves, and she looked so radiant. When she and her spouse had finished ordering and were waiting for their coffees, I turned and told her how much I loved her outfit and how beautiful she looked and how nice that shade of yellow looked on her. I said, with a smile, that I was a little jealous because I can’t wear yellow, as it washes me out. She immediately blushed and thanked me, saying that her mother always told her not to wear yellow because it wouldn’t look good on her skin. She shared that she was nervous to wear the dress, which was new, for the first time and asked her husband if it looked okay on her tens of times before they left the house. The interaction ended with a hug, and we parted ways. 

I’m not saying this because I want to ‘prove that I’m a good person’ or because I want to show off- I’m writing this post because the tiny things we say to people have an impact. Think about a time that a stranger has said something about your outfit or your smile or the way that you interact politely and patiently when a barista gets your order wrong- it sticks with you and makes you feel good and gives you confidence. 

You know what they say- empowered women empower women. We need to start speaking out about the little things, telling people when they look good or when their kindness inspires you or what have you- these things create confidence and good feelings in others and in ourselves- it’s a win-win. When we speak out positivity to others, we’re taking small and easy actions to inspire others and inspire ourselves, and that seems like a pretty good deal to me. 

Xx, B

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