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Last week, I wrote about insecurities and how to crush them with ease, elegance, and finesse. However, as I was getting ready for bed that night and reflecting on the post that I had shared with you guys, the idea of the fear of failure came into my head, and I figured that it was time for me to address that one on here, as well.

How do you cripple a fear that cripples you? The fear of failure is immobilizing, and I don’t know why. A few weeks ago, someone asked a sewing favour of me, and I said that I would do it, except for the fact that I was too scared that I’d mess it up. The person laughed and told me that I had so much potential, but I was actively letting my fear of failure hold me back from success and active happiness.

I mused over this while I was driving home, and I realized something: they were right.

I’m scared of failing, and I let this get in the way of a lot of the things I want in life. I’m scared of investing into relationships and seeing that time, effort, and care wasting away. I’m scared of fighting for something, only to find out that I should have been fighting against it. I’m scared of being wrong, of feeling vulnerable, of feeling weak, of failing. And I’m sharing this because I know I’m not the only girl in the world who’s experienced the crippling fear of failure.

To my sheer and utter horror, as I realized all of these things, I also realized that I didn’t have an answer for this one.

I didn’t have any magic tips or tricks to get rid of this feeling, so I decided to make some… 

You have to be bigger than it. You have to feel the fear, the vulnerability, the weakness of humanity, and do it anyway. It’s much the same process as the inner fire: you can be afraid of it, or you can become it, make friends with it, and make it into an asset. You can make any insecurity, any bad feeling, and any weakness into your strength if you jump in, eyes open, no life vest. And that’s the scariest part: you HAVE to be all in for it to stop hurting you and help you instead. You don’t have the power to decide what hurts you, but you DO have the power to control your reaction and use it to your advantage. There’s a high that you get from embracing fear and attacking your anxiety, and that’s the best way to fuel the fire and generate some grit.

So take a deep breath, embrace the very thing that would otherwise hurt you and hold you back, and remember that you’re not feeling this way alone.

Xx, B


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