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Lately, I’ve been in a smidge of a funk. I’ve been frustrated by myself with the slow-to-grow mentality that 31:25 has decided to take on ever since I moved to Nashville. Sure, I have business on-campus with alterations and scrunchies, but my passion is in creating one-of-a-kind dresses with clients that reflect their personalities, strengths, and inner beauties. Not having the customer base that I used to is, as they say, ‘killing me softly’.

Recently, when I was snooping around on my 31:25 feed, as ya do, I came across a few mindset quotes that are now on my Nashville quote board: “Direction is so much more important than speed” and “Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today”. If that isn’t true tea, I don’t know what is. Let me break it down.

If your business (and/or you!!) has no direction, or just a ‘loose plan’, it’s gonna crash and burn. You need a sort of structure, given that the business will change overtime. Changing and developing your business plan is healthy and will stimulate its growth. However, if you change your complete idea and end-goal every six months, it’s going to be very difficult to plant true roots and give your business, or life, an opportunity to really thrive.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be stressing out over a business plan that has benchmarks pressed into-the-day. In fact, this. Is unhealthy because it doesn’t give the business, or lifestyle, wiggle-room. It becomes what it wants to become, with you guiding it and helping it along the way, much like a small child. The business/life child takes your opinions and desires for it into account, but it has its own ways of doing things that can work out even better than what you’d originally planned.

The second quote, the one about fear of failure, couldn’t be closer to the truth. When I feel like I’m not any closer to where I want to be as a person, or where I feel like my business ‘should’ be, I think about where I was a year ago, as a business, as a seamstress, and as a person. My sewing skills have increased exponentially with practice (thank gracious!), I’ve taken on innumerable clients and made women of all ages feel beautiful and confident, and I’m building my business, one brick at a time.

When looking at this quote in terms of growing as a person, I see myself as more courageous than I was a year ago. Hungrier. More ambitious. Stronger, more willing to forgive-but-not-forget, softer in a way. If you think about where you were last November, or even in 2017 as a whole compared to the growth that you’ve undergone since the genesis of 2018, you’ll be amazed at yourself and how far you’ve come as a person. Now, if you have difficulty seeing this or don’t write all the time and track your personal growth, not to fret! Ask someone in your inner circle: your mom, your close friend, a sibling, how they’ve seen you grow in the past few months. They’d be happy to share how they’ve seen you flourish recently!

Remember, you’ve been fearfully and wonderfully made. You are bigger than your successes and failures, and as long as you’re striving to change yourself, you’re already halfway there.

Xx, B


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