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I apologize that it’s been a minute since I last posted… the end of the semester truly caught up to me. I digress, your patience while I was wrapping up my first semester in Nashville and settling back into life in Cleveland was much appreciated,  but now I’m back! And oh, how I have learned…

It’s been an incredible first semester. I love life in Nashville, and I craved the change of pace after eighteen years in the suburbs of Cleveland. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot about life since I left my dearly loved CLE in August, and, as per usual, it’s time for me to purge my life lessons and tips in *yet another* AGG. So, without further ado, it is my great pride and pleasure to present ‘The Ambitious Girl’s Guide to First Semester’!

→ Get outside!

This is actually a phrase that my high school english teacher beat into the class of ‘18’s brains repeatedly, ad nauseam, but it’s true. Take a walk! Explore the park! Run outside! Go to coffee inside with a pal, but walk there! Spend some time in the fresh air, even if it’s chilly out there. We have jackets for a reason! Fun fact- the fresh air is actually incredible for your mental health. So go enjoy it!

→ Smile, you queen!

It makes a good impression, and it releases dopamine, which makes you genuinely happier. Show the world those pearly whites!

→ Stop. Caring. About. Other. People’s. BS. Opinions.

I can’t stress this enough. And yeah, I completely and utterly struggle with it every day. I’m NOT saying that I don’t, believe me. But that’s no excuse! Your opinions are valid, and if you like that blouse, please wear it, regardless of what that skeezy gal said about it.

→ Life is short, eat the sweets.

Yes, in moderation, but you should allow yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, which definitely include chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa. Indulge! Not all the time, but allow yourself to relish the ‘cheat’ foods. They may not be good for the body, but they’re fabulous for the soul.

→ Do your work, and turn off your phone.

I actually talked to my therapist about tips for this, because I struggle with it so much. I noticed that I would check my phone every 3-4 minutes when it was on Do Not Disturb and I was supposed to be getting work done (yeah, it’s bad, I know). I’ve gotten better, but it’s still hard for me. She suggested that I set a mental timer for 30-45 minutes, and check it after that time had been up. I set my DND so that my calls can still go through in case someone really needs to reach me, but other than that, I can generally wait 30 minutes to check my instagram. Since I started this hack, my productivity has gone WAY up, and I’d encourage all of you to try it! It’s helped me a lot.

→ Call the people you love

Sure, texting is convenient, but Natalie and I have gotten into the habit of calling when we really need to catch up. I call my mom once every  1-2 days, just to update each other on all of life’s daily things so that we never feel that far apart, and it’s been helping a lot! Calling is also so much more in-touch and personal than texting is, and you can really hear tone of voice and emphasis. Another fun fact- 93% of communication is nonverbal! Tone carries about 38% of the remainder, which is quite a bit. Calling is a little bit more of a hassle, sure, but it’s far more meaningful and creates a better connection than shooting a few text messages over a several-hour period.

I hope these tips help you guys get through first semester. The first few weeks are rough, but after that, it’s a breeze.

Xx, B


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