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I was really excited to write this blog and film this IGTV because you guys were excited to read/watch it! Knowing that people are engaged and interested in my content makes me more than happy to create it for you 🙂 Keeping a routine in uncertain times helps your brain stay focused, helps you to stay on task and tackle your to-do list, and keeps you motivated when it’s hard to see the positives in a dark situation. Here’s my Quarantine Morning Routine- I hope that sharing it with you guys helps you out with your own routines! Anyway, let’s get into the content!

My morning routine actually starts the night before- with checking my school email and seeing if I have any lectures or Blackboard Collaborate meetings to take care of during the next day. If so, I plan to edit my morning accordingly. Either way, I keep my school routine schedule with classes, so I wake up at 8:00 every day to be ready for classes or homework for classes by 9:00. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is read my New York Times morning briefing so that I know the latest information about the pandemic and other current events. After this, I respond to any notifications that I got while I was asleep, and then I get up. 

Every other day, I go straight from my bed to my basement to work out, which I’m planning on detailing in my next post, and on those days I take a morning shower afterwards and wash my hair. Next, I do my skincare routine, brush my teeth, do my hair, and do a little bit of eye makeup before picking out what I’ll wear. I’ve been wearing “real clothes” (minimum bar of a sweater and leggings) since we started back with school because- fun fact- you’re more productive and test better when wearing a dressier outfit! Hair, makeup, and “real clothes” have helped me signal to my brain that, just because we’re home doesn’t mean we’re on vacation- I still have to get things done!

After getting ready, I’ll go downstairs, fill up a water glass, and have some breakfast while I make my (color-coded) to-do list for the day in my planner. I put in all my school assignments with due dates next to them, as well as my to-dos for 31:25 and personal things, like cleaning up my room or writing letters to friends. After seeing everything I have to do for the next day or two, I number everything from most to least important, so that I have direction and know what needs to be done. Then, it’s time for school!

Even if I don’t have a lecture to watch during my class time, I keep my normal school schedule by using the time in each “class” to work on assignments, papers, and group projects that pertain to that class. It helps me to stay on track with everything that I need to get done, and the routine makes sure that no assignment falls through the cracks!

When I’ve finished my schoolwork for the day, I get to work on the other things on my list- 31:25 blogs and products, sketching, creating flat lays, and, of course, sewing! Staying creative during this time is important, as creative activities can reduce stress and help you process the emotions that you’re feeling during this hectic time. 

So that’s my quarantine morning routine! I hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe even learned something that you want to add to your morning routine during this time. 

Stay safe!

Xx, B

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