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This has been a stressful time for everyone, and we’re all struggling and dealing with this in our own ways. I’ve been social distancing and quarantining for five weeks tomorrow- I honestly can’t believe it! As you are, I’m getting pretty stir-crazy, so I created this list of things that are fun- and safe- to do while you’re quarantining! I hope this helps you guys feel less alone and keep a little more sunshine in your days!

(If you’re more of a watch/listen person, this blog is available as an IGTV on my Instagram!)

→ Read a book

If you have a local library card, you can create an account with Libby and get free public access to thousands of e-books just like a regular library! This isn’t sponsored, I just wanted to share this little tool for those of you like me out there who love to read!

→ Do a puzzle

→ Clean your closet and sell your unwanted clothes on Instagram or Poshmark

→ Support a small business!

Not to be a self-promo (heheh), but ordering a fun scrunchie or other product from a favorite local business helps the little guys and is a great treat for you! Also just sharing their posts, products, or IGTVs on Instagram is huge and an awesome way to help them raise brand awareness and support them for FREE!

→ Get outside

If you’re an Ohioan like me, you can use this time to take advantage of our incredible Metroparks system! Going to a park is a great way to get moving, create a change of scenery, and get some fresh air all while being safe. Plus, it’s gorgeous out there!

→ Deep-clean your room

Like actually. I’m looking at you, pen collection that’s dry and needs to be combed through!

→ Create a new fitness routine

Fitness growth is not linear! Your best will look different than the people that you follow. Create a healthy routine that works well for you and makes you feel like the beautiful, radiant person that you are!

Actually use all of those Pinterest pins that you’ve saved over the years

→ Write letters or send little presents to your people!

This is a great and safe way to connect tangibly with the people you care about. Receiving a heartfelt letter in the mail from a loved one is a very special feeling. 

→ Make a list of things you want to do and places you want to go

This can be anywhere from Cancun to that local coffee shop. Focusing on what we can do once we’re no longer quarantined can create positive things to look forward to and keep you looking towards the future

→ Cook with your family

→ Ask your IG followers for new music recommendations

If you want to take a listen to the 31:25 Female Empowerment playlist, Without Fear, click here!

→ Start doing something that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do but never had the time

→ Journal

This is a great way to release some stress and other emotions that you’re feeling. There’s something scientific with putting physical pen to paper and purging the things that you’re feeling from your mind- you’ll feel clearer and better equipped to handle the next task at hand after you get it out of yourself

→ Make a list

Sometimes, all I need to refocus myself is to create a list of things I can do- right now, it’s so easy to slip into the mindset of focusing on all of the things that we can’t do and places we can’t go, and making a list of what we can do- taking 3 deep breaths, facetiming a friend, writing a letter, watching an episode of The Office- can help with the big emotions that we’re all processing

There’s my list! I hope that some of these help you guys to stay entertained during quarantine and refocus to what you can do. 

Stay safe, 

Xx, B

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