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The beginning of the year is a funny thing. We humans have this intense drive to improve ourselves at the Fresh Start of a New Year, which is both powerful and a little silly, as it’s just another day except for the fact that we named it as a new calendar year. I digress, I’m not knocking the idea of a new year at all! In fact, I think that they’re an excellent time to assess where we are, what we’ve accomplished, and where we want to be.

On the other hand, we humans also have tragically short attention spans. The rush of the new year has faded around now, and many people lose the traction that they’d had for their resolutions when they set them around two weeks ago. And that’s where I come in! I have a few tips for you to stick to your resolutions, and I also included mine in a list at the end.\

  1. Start small

And by small, I mean keep your list small! Having a laundry list of 20 resolutions is not only stressful, but is also difficult to keep track of. It’s also unlikely that you’ll be able to keep most of them if your focus is diverted onto so many goals, and you’ll feel overwhelmed and unimproved when the end of the year rolls around.

  1. Be objective

So many people choose resolutions such as ‘eat healthier’ or ‘read the Bible more’. Instead of choosing flimsy resolutions like this that can’t be measured, choose resolutions that you can track the progress of. Instead of ‘eat healthier’, try ‘eat three different vegetables every day’, and instead of ‘read the Bible more’, maybe go with ‘set aside 5 minutes per day to study God’s word’. These are easily trackable, so at the end of the year you have concrete goals built into your routine.

  1. Ask someone to help keep you on track

If you’re vehemently serious about a specific resolution, it’s a hurtful but effective tactic to involve your wallet. If you really want to involve drinking 80 ounces of water every single day into your life, you can set up a system with a friend where you pay them $5 for every day that you don’t stick with your resolution (this works well if they’re willing to do the same for you with one of their resolutions). It’ll hurt the bank at first, but you’ll soon fall into your routine!

  1. Create subgoals

When I’m looking at a task, it seems daunting when I don’t know where to start. I want to have a sub-24 5K time by the end of this year. That seems big, since I’ve been stuck in a 25:30 rut for over a year. However, my subgoals include adding more interval training and hill repeats, which will help to add little bursts of speed and overcome my goal. If one of your resolutions is to lose 50 pounds, that seems intimidating until you set a subgoal of 5 pounds per month. Not only does this break down the intensity, it also helps you to keep better track of your progress and celebrate your accomplishments all year, not just at the end of 2019.

And, as promised, here are my personal resolutions for 2019:

→ Attack the world with a voracious appetite for life

→ Read 1 book a month

→ Make every hour mean something

→ Double savings

→ Run a sub-24 5K

→ Be a little kinder than you have to

→ Say yes more

→ Be present

→ Stay on track with your growth


I hope this little list helps you to stay on track with your resolutions!

Happy 2019!

Xx, B


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