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It’s an unfortunate truth that I’m sure you’ve realized by now: our society runs on physical presentation and looks. Though I in no way support this aspect of our society and consider it to be one of the most detrimental parts of the way things are, I do acknowledge it and understand its worth. Let me explain.

I’m in an interesting market, where I’m a literal walking advertisement for my company. In case you don’t know, 31:25 is a clothing company for women that seeks to create confidence through custom clothes. Because it’s free advertising and because I believe in what I create, I wear my clothes everywhere, specifically my dresses, skirts, and tops. Because my clothes have the professional, empowered, Girlboss look that most of my clients are seeking out, I’m often considered to be put-together, which draws in potential clients because they appreciate the so-called “effort” that I’m putting into my professional appearance. But let me tell you something: it’s LITERALLY ALL AN ILLUSION.

Confession time: I spend very little time getting ready in the morning. By “very little”, I mean, after the usual teeth-brushing and face-washing, I spend about three minutes “getting ready”. Most girls that I encounter think that I’m putting hours into my appearance in the morning, but I honestly just slip on a dress, brush out my hair so that there are no tangles, throw on some mascara, and call it a day.

A fun fact that I’ve learned along the way: if you’re in a rush, slapping on a bright lipstick will make all the difference. Have a go-to neutral, pop-of-color, and a red, which will not only elevate your presentation, but will also give you a boost of confidence.

Allow me to divulge a little secret: dresses take less thought than a t-shirt and shorts. It’s ONE PIECE! You aren’t spending any time matching things together, and it takes mere seconds to put on! This truly speeds up the process, because you can do no wrong in ‘mismatching’ one piece of clothing!

Planning your outfits is also incredibly helpful when working with your presentation. If you have at least an idea of what pieces you’re thinking of, it’s fairly easy to get into a routine of a specific outfit with the shoes and accessories that it looks best with. These formulas are great, especially if you’re in a rush in the mornings.

Another hack: I generally wear things that are four colors, which I consider to be Power Colors: Red, Blue (any shade), white, grey, and black. Because most of my clothes are one of these two pops and three neutrals, they’re really easy to mix in case I need another layer (or 5!) in the dead of Cleveland’s winter.

Finally, I can’t say that I believe in a ‘capsule wardrobe’ (I am a *designer*, after all!), but I do appreciate the value in streamlining accessories. I have two bags, a Kate Spade tote for working, and a satchel mini-backpack for running around, on-the-go types of days. I wear the same four small pieces of jewelry every day (two rings and two necklaces), two silver and two gold, so that they match with everything, and my shoes are nearly all neutrals so that my outfit is the star of the show. This sort of accessory streamlining will allow you to get ready quickly, leaving you with more time to check things off of your list!

In the society that we currently live in, presentation makes a huge difference. Though this is an unfortunate fact, these few simple hacks will add confidence to your day and will elevate your presentation from a hassle to an elegant breeze in the midst of living your life!

Xx, B

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