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I know this isn’t related to my theme of back-to-school posts, but I feel this topic is something important that I’d like to address, specifically because it’s been all over the Snapchat ‘Discover’ bubbles: I’m done dealing with celebrity gossip.
The turning point for me has honestly been this whole thing with Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. I feel awful for them, but not only for their split. I understand that they’re celebrities, and people love to keep up with their lives, but here’s my issue: we know all about them, and they know nothing about us! Their lives are broadcasted all over the world, on every news station and every app known to man (and just to be clear, I’m not talking about their social media, since I consider that to be personally run), and that has to be exhausting on a normal day, let alone a time in one’s life when a difficult emotional situation is in full-blown tempest mode.
I wouldn’t know from experience, but I certainly understand from countless Netflix Chick-Flick evenings: breakups are hard. And relationships are hard. Hard enough, that is, without the entire world speculating about relationships and picking ‘sides’ when they know about 0.05% of the full story. Yeah, Pratt was seen with a girl a few days ago! For all we know, it’s his cousin who dyed her hair. The media takes a small bit of what’s most certainly a very personal story and makes it into a speculative drama that, in truth, they know nothing about.
All I’m saying is, I wouldn’t love it if that crappy date I went on last November was splashed all over the world, reeking of exaggerations that weren’t even true. And with that, I conclude my small rant. I hope that you understand where I’m coming from, and if you don’t agree, thanks anyways for taking a minute to read another perspective.

Happy Tuesday!
Xx, B

One thought to “My Thoughts on Celeb Gossip”

  • nat!!

    okay i agree!
    and i do keep up with celebrities a little, but for the most part theyre just people and i dont know them and they dont know me so unless im a huge fan of them i dont really care too much about whats going on in their lives? if that makes sense without sounding rude? like it doesnt impact me lol. like omg cool taylor swift has a new guy that no one knows about. cool but idc. like i used to be huge in this stuff but now im like “imma focus on my own life instead of someone elses who doesnt even know i exist”. you know that doesnt mean i dont care about harry styles or other cool singers or actors but FOR THE MOST PART, like the kardashians, couldnt care less. this sounds like waffling but asdfghjkl. plus a lot of what the media says is twisted and stuff and a lot of what ya read prolly isnt even true so
    i so agree with the whole “i wouldnt want my breakup broadcasted everywhere”


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