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This isn’t an IGTV/blog post that I EVER thought I would film/write, but here we are! I’ve never had perfect skin, but when I got to college, it exploded- red, angry, puffy skin out of nowhere- it was so bad that strangers would stop me in public and ask if I had chemical burns or what the red stuff on my face was. My self-confidence was dashed. It’s crazy how much your appearance, soecifically in the market of skin, can affect your self-esteem. 

That being said, I met an incredible dermatologist who got my skin from a before picture to an after in 18 months- now, my skin is glowing, full, healthy, and beautiful. It took hard work and patience, but we got here, even with the pain in the behind that is my combination oily and dry skin! Now, I’m going to share the products that I use daily on my skin! 

Glytone gel cleanser- I use morning only

I LOVE this face wash! It’s strong enough to remove the excess oils and chemically exfoliate, but gentle enough on the dry parts of my skin to not overdry them. Tip from my derm: Once or twice a week, mix some baking soda with your face wash to give it a stronger exfoliation to really get the dead skin cells off while still being gentle. 

Onexton- morning only

The next product that I use is a prescription from my derm called Onexton- it uses benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin to clear out bacteria and increase skin cell turnover. It’s done wonders for my complexion!

CeraVe AM moisturizer

This moisturizer and its ultra lightweight counterpart are perfect for the winter and summer, respectively. Plus, they both appease my combination skin! The regular one gets me through the windy Nashville winters, and the lightweight version is perfect for Cleveland summers. They’re both around $12 at Target/Walmart and HAVE SPF!! Y’all, I can’t express how important it is to use SPF daily on your face- DAILY!! No matter the season or where you live! If you’re not using it already, change your ways with this 2-in-1 moisturizer so you don’t have to add a step. 

Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen SPF 46

I don’t joke about suncare! For daily use, the morning moisturizer is perfect, but if I’m planning on being outside for longer than a couple of minutes, like at the beach or when I go for a hike or run, I slap on a layer of this stuff. It’s amazing sunscreen- you barely feel it- and it’s a zinc-oxide based product, so it’s formulated for your skin and won’t break you out. It’s a little pricy, but I used my bottle all summer and didn’t even make a dent in it. My dermatologist recommended it to me last year and I can’t stop raving about it! 

Thayer’s Rose Water Witch Hazel

I don’t use this every day because it’s too drying for me, but using it a couple of times a week to take off makeup or as a face wash if I’m really rushing is fine for my skin, and it gives me such a beautiful glow. 

Veltin- night only

This is the second prescription that I use- it’s also a retinoid and clears out those dead skin cells to promote cell turnover like my Onexton does. This can be a super drying medication, so my dermatologist suggested that I mix it with my morning moisturizer to cut out some of the drying properties- that helps a lot for those of you who use night creams that are too drying! 

Aveeno Body Lotion

I still consider this skincare because the rest of your body needs to be taken care of, too! I put this on after I shower for glowing, soft, moisturized skin all day long. 

I hope this helps you guys out or gives you a little inspiration for new skincare products! Remember, what works for me might not necessarily work for you guys, and that’s okay. It takes time to figure this stuff out (believe me, I know), and it can be hard. Remember that you’ll get there, and that you are beautiful no matter what. 

Xx, B

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