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I’m about as Type-A as it gets. There’s a quote that my cousin, Thomas (also an entrepreneur; check out TW Landscaping for all of your ~lawn design~ needs~!) shared with me a few months ago: “Entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week”. And it’s true. When I was working 40+-hour-weeks over the summer, I felt lackluster. I wasn’t pursuing my passions anymore. I didn’t prioritize blogging, taking care of myself, or even -gasp- making fabulous dresses! When I resigned, I started putting way more time into running 31:25, creating new designs, blogging, creating stock for boutiques, and expanding my market. It made me feel better, more fruitful than my previous job, to be working all day, every day!
Needless to say, the busier I am and the more things that I have on my plate, the happier and more productive I am (not necessarily in the moment, but certainly in the long run!). However, this can lead to laziness if implemented incorrectly.
I’m also prone to an incredible amount of guilt, as are many perfectionists/Type A guys out there. If we’re not moving, we’re liable to feel extreme shame because we want to impress those around us and feel like we’re being productive all the time. Indolence is definitely not something that we aspire to adopt as a common habit, but many perfectionists and Type-As run from the idea that we’d ever stop moving and checking things off of the perpetuated ‘To-Do list’. This leads to ‘burnout’, a very real complication of overworking one’s self.
For instance, living under constant stress and pressure, situational, self-initiated, or otherwise, lowers the immune system and makes one easily brought down by illnesses. Anxiety and depression can bubble to the surface after simmering with stress and overexhaustion. Over time, overworking yourself can even make you LESS productive!
As you can imagine, these traits unified create the perfect storm for burnout, so here I am, pleading to you all that you give yourselves a break. Try to avoid vortex-like activities, such as watching The Office, as these… sorta… pull you into a void of unproductiveness. Go for something like coloring, reading, or working out, as these relax and engage your brain, take you out of your situation, and let you take a breather. You’re also doing something productive, since you’re making a gorgeous picture, enhancing your empathy skills by getting into someone else’s head for a bit, or burning off anger and stress by testing yourself physically. These guys help me when I’m feeling a little stressed.
In short, don’t feel guilty for NOT doing something “productive”, meaning, balancing 15,693 things at once, all the time! Deep breaths and energy burners will help you so much in defeating the guilt from perceived indolence.
Xx, B

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