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There are a lot of tropes and stereotypes in our society that rub me the wrong way, but one in particular could send me spinning- the “I’m not like other girls” trope. 

In case you aren’t familiar with this concept, it goes along the thread of a guy and girl falling for one another and the girl claiming that she “isn’t like other girls’ that the guy has seen. 

To be fair, there is absolutely something to be said for individuality. All girls, and all people, are different in many ways, including their likes and dislikes, passions, and other uniquenesses. This in it of itself fights the trope. Girls aren’t like one another, so why is it a constant trope for girls to pull themselves out in a way that comes off as desperate or dramatic? 

We, as women, have a duty to one another to build each other up. We each stand out individually, of course, but we also stand united and support one another. These sorts of tropes are damaging to our image because it paints girls in a certain light, a light that we’re better than. 

Why would we be portrayed as whiny women who tear others down to display ourselves to potential partners? Women are amazing. We are moms, doctors, seamstresses, sisters, performers, people who love, people who care, and people with passion. We’re strong and capable and supportive of one another. And we’re sure as heck better than that tired trope. 

We’ve got this. We can overcome these stereotypes by banding together and continually showing each other the support that we share for the other women in our lives. When this kindness and unwavering encouragement infects us, we become Other Girls. We become ‘Most Girls”. We create a new majority that other women want to identify themselves with, and we overcome the stereotypes that have previously defined us. We are like other girls because we are other girls. 

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